Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nightstand Redo

I bought Alli this nightstand at the DI a couple years ago. We painted it white just with spray paint. It seemed to be fine for about a year and then the paint started flaking off and she spilled water on it so it was in need of a redo. I wanted to give her room a little more color- her bedding has a little bit of blue on it so we ventured out to Walmart to find the perfect color of blue paint to match. Spray paint was out because none of them were the perfect blue we were looking for. We ended up with a quart of "Clear Blue Bottle," by the ColorPlace brand.
 I read a few "how to paint furniture" tutorials on pinterest and just followed those. First we sanded it down, cleaned it off, then primed it with this spray primer twice with sanding in between and after each coat. I also like the Kilz brand primer too but they were out of it at my local Walmart. Next, we painted  two coats of the blue with our paint sprayer. After it was completely dry, we put a clear protective top coat on it to hopefully protect it from water spills and scratches. Then we put her old hardware back on and that's it! It turned out pretty cute, and we're hoping it lasts longer. Alli loves it and calls it her "cotton candy blue" nightstand. We don't love this lamp color so just ignore it =)


Ryan and Amber said...

Soooo cute! You kinda sound hard core with all your sprayer techniques. Come on over and spray something at my house anytime

youngkinfam said...

VERY CUTE Ash! Love the color! Girls trip looked fun, I miss everyone. And your family pictures were all so dang cute! Loved them all! Hope your doing good!