Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pony Party

 For Alli's 6th friend birthday party she wanted a pony party. She always knows about 6 months ahead of time what kind of party she wants. Since we now have a horse and all, her dreams came true! =) Well, we don't have a true "pony," but hey a horse and pony are close enough! She was SO happy, it was for sure a good day for her. I love watching her be so excited and happy. Makes it all worth it. Love her so much! Can't believe she will soon be six years old for real!!

 Some of the cowgirls waiting for the other cowgirls to arrive

Patiently waiting their turn

Girls being Girls

*The Rides*

The handsome horse ride walker/giver/father of the year!

 Break time- snack time

* The Presents*

*The Cake*

 Who knew candle lighting could be so awesome?!

 I love her proud/excited face

My favorite picture from the entire thing! Happiness written all over her face. Making that cake was worth every effort!

The treat bags. Alli and I made gourmet apple pie caramel apples for everyone to take home

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Ryan and Amber said...

It was so dang cute! The boys love every time they get to ride the horsey... And I LOVED the carmel apples. SEriously so good! Thanks for invited the little BOYZ!