Monday, October 28, 2013


So about a week ago I had a terrifying experience- my face got singed from lighting our BBQ!! My eyebrows, the hair around my face, eyelashes and even nose hairs....burnt to a crisp.  Ok so it wasn't that bad, but a lot of my hair was burnt to a crisp for real!  I've started the BBQ several times before this with no problems, but this this time I don't know what I was thinking.

I had turned the gas on and pushed the little ignition button and nothing happened, so I bent down, turned the gas on some more and while still staying bent down...not thinking obviously, I pushed the button again and BOOM! Seriously there was a fireball on my face it felt like. I jumped back about 5 feet, and immediately ran to the bathroom to check out the damage. My face felt hot, a lot of my hair was damaged around my face, my eyebrows and eyelashes were still intact...just way shorter and more sparse =( 

Anyway, my face cooled down, but my left nostril did get burned. But it will heal and here's to hoping my hair can get healthy again, eyelashes can grow in longer and eyebrows grow back to where they were before. I take my eyebrows very seriously!! I know it could have been worse, so I'll consider myself lucky. 

Sheesh! Be careful out there! Or just wait the extra ten minutes until your husband gets home from work and let him do the grilling yes?! 

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Ryan and Amber said...

I can totally vouch for your charred little nostril and your singed eye hairs! Poor girl! Fire - it's not our friend. :)