Monday, October 21, 2013


Our sweet Alli is SIX!! It seems like she was just a baby not too long ago and now she's in Kindergarten and getting so smart! I love looking  back at pictures through the years. I still can't believe she went from a serious dark hair chunker baby to such a skinny little blondie!

For her real birthday this year we were in Bicknell for the deer hunt. Poor girl had no choice since she was born on the opening day of the deer hunt- she will forever be the deer hunt baby. So between deer hunting outings we had some birthday cake and opened presents. She loved her "deer hunt" birthday cake!

 Her favorite present by far...the flutterbye flying fairy!

Here's a few things I love about outgoing Alli:

She is extremely thoughtful. She will draw pictures for the bus driver, grandparents, take an apple to her teacher, or cookies to her friends. She's always thinking of others and it is the sweetest thing to watch!

She makes friends EVERYWHERE she goes! I think I've said this before but seriously she really does and it's incredible! She makes friends at every park, McDonalds, school, church, you name it. I mean they're not friends she stays in contact with, but for that half hour or hour they are friends!! I love to watch it.

She loves to go to school and loves to learn! I'm so grateful for this. It's never a hassle to go to school.

We just adore her and hope she's has a great year as a big six year old!
We love you Alli.


Ryan and Amber said...

Loved her deer cake - not quite as much as the little boys - but loved it! AND did the flying fairy ever work?

The Penney's said...

Such a great age, such a cute girl, such a cute deer cake--made feminine with the PINK frosting and all. :)

Oh...and I wish they made toys like that for us when we were kids!