Thursday, November 21, 2013

Their Tree

The girls set up their very own little Christmas tree in the play room. Alli just could not wait any longer! It's complete with girly colored bulbs and disney princess ornaments. However, right now all the ornaments are back off the tree thanks to Haven. So we have to put them back on daily. They LOVE it, and other than the constant re-decorating, I love it too =) Only 33 days left until Christmas!

Friday, November 15, 2013

First Win

We witnessed the first win of the season for the Jazz this year! My Dad was kind enough to give us his really good seat tickets on the 7th row. The games are a lot more exciting when you're that close to the court. The girls got high on cotton candy and loved dancing around during time outs =)
Go Jazz!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These two...

These two sweet girls have been melting my heart lately. They've been playing together so well and making each other laugh a lot. I LOVE watching it and hearing their little giggles throughout the day. 
Love my girls! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 This year for Halloween we had the prettiest princess Ariel and the cutest little peacock ever at our household! They were SO cute! I just love Halloween, it's so fun to see all the little kiddos dressed up.
We had a busy Halloween! We started out at Alli's school Halloween parade which she loved. Then we went up to Josh's work to say hi and get more candy of course =) Next, we met Grandpa Carl and my sister and her boys at the Doug Smith Trunk or Treat- finally went home & ate dinner and then it was off to trick or treating around the neighborhood. 

Little Stinker did not want to wear her cute hat!

Just checking out all the photos of her on my phone with a big mouthful of bubblegum

 Alli at her school parade, she was so excited to finally spot us in the crowd!

Then we went to see Josh at work, where he dressed up as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Ha ha this costume kills me. So perfect for him yeah? Everyone loved it =) 

At the Trunk or Treat with Grandpa

Kael, Dax, & Alli with Elmo!

Alli wanted to spray her hair red for the night time. That stuff is so messy, but she loved it! Next time I'll just by the wig ;)

 Allison, Addison & Alli. Cute girls- so glad they found each other! They ended up trick or treating together. They even got brave and went to the "scary" houses ha ha! Way to be brave girls.

The end result....two happy, tired girls and way too many treats. Sugar Rush!!


22 Months

I can tell this little one is almost two because she's getting more crazy and mischievous as the days go by. Terrible two's here we come!! She's gotten so funny lately and has been talking up a storm!

She got the grapes out of the fridge, brought em all the way upstairs to show me with about 4 or 5 in her glad she didn't choke!

I went outside to wave goodbye to Alli on the bus one morning for 2 minutes, came back and she had put on Alli's dress and stole my yogurt off the counter and Alli's spoon and was watching her show. This girl can take care of herself! ;)

She's still so sweet though and still sleeps great! She still takes 3 hour naps but is also flexible, like if she gets a shorter nap or a later nap.

Love you Haven!

Fall Fun

 We met up with our good friends at Cornbelly's this year. We didn't stay long, but the girls all had a blast seeing each other! Afterward we went to dinner and then Alli and I went back for more Cornbelly's after dinner- she just hadn't quite had enough fun! I think it's more fun at dark too and she loved it. She had been begging to go there for weeks! Almost all of these pictures are from my phone because its such a pain to lug around a huge camera these days. Not the best quality but they work =)

Alli and Bella, they've known each other since they were babies!

The next week we went to Evans Family Farm with a couple of our cousins. It's cheaper and has some fun things to do as well! We did pony rides, the corn pit, slides and a hay ride. We about got stung by a thousand bees, but other than that it was great!

 This is where the majority of their time was the corn kernels!

 Haven spent most of her time on the slide