Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 This year for Halloween we had the prettiest princess Ariel and the cutest little peacock ever at our household! They were SO cute! I just love Halloween, it's so fun to see all the little kiddos dressed up.
We had a busy Halloween! We started out at Alli's school Halloween parade which she loved. Then we went up to Josh's work to say hi and get more candy of course =) Next, we met Grandpa Carl and my sister and her boys at the Doug Smith Trunk or Treat- finally went home & ate dinner and then it was off to trick or treating around the neighborhood. 

Little Stinker did not want to wear her cute hat!

Just checking out all the photos of her on my phone with a big mouthful of bubblegum

 Alli at her school parade, she was so excited to finally spot us in the crowd!

Then we went to see Josh at work, where he dressed up as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Ha ha this costume kills me. So perfect for him yeah? Everyone loved it =) 

At the Trunk or Treat with Grandpa

Kael, Dax, & Alli with Elmo!

Alli wanted to spray her hair red for the night time. That stuff is so messy, but she loved it! Next time I'll just by the wig ;)

 Allison, Addison & Alli. Cute girls- so glad they found each other! They ended up trick or treating together. They even got brave and went to the "scary" houses ha ha! Way to be brave girls.

The end result....two happy, tired girls and way too many treats. Sugar Rush!!


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Ryan and Amber said...

We rocked trunk or treat yet again. Man, we're kind of pros at it, yeah? Love their little sparkly girlie costumes and LOVE the pic of them with Elmo! Too stinkin' cute!