Saturday, December 7, 2013

Log Cabin

This year we decided to make a log cabin house instead of a gingerbread house. You can see this idea HERE. We kind of just winged it- Alli and I assembled it with a hot glue gun while Haven napped. We didn't have enough pretzel rods, so we used some other stuff too, but we finally got it all glued together! When Haven woke up they got to decorate it! It was a fun and delicious activity but it did take quite some time to make, and ours is pretty large! Here's the finished product....

We didn't finish the back and our elf Stewie stayed in our cabin one night!
 Pretty sure he loved it =)


Ryan and Amber said...

I love it! Sooo so cute.

The Penney's said...

Are you trying out for mommy of the year?!? Holy smokes...that project was amazing! Way to "go big"!