Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Years Old!!

Sweet Haven turned TWO years old December 29th. We went to Chuck E Cheese and went through 100 tokens in about 20 minutes, had some pizza and cake and even heard Chucky dance and sing ha ha. She loved it! It was the most non-stressful, easy party ever....the way birthday parties should be done. Thanks to all those that came and for all the gifts, she is one loved little girl! 

 We had to keep sticking a candle in there because she loves to blow them out and is so fast at doing it!

 She LOVED her barbie puppy!!

I think her birthday wish list was fulfilled, minus the balloons- Mom dropped the ball on that one ;)


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Ryan and Amber said...

Ah your Christmas Eve dinner looks so cute! And "Havie's" birthday was fun! My kids had a blast! Thanks for having us and good luck with a TWO YEAR OLD in the house!