Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 We had the best time at Disneyland. We had 3 day park hopper tickets (the way to go) and we went back and forth to each park almost daily. The weather was perfection,70-80 degrees each day. It wasn't too crowded either- I think the longest we had to wait for a ride was 20 minutes, but most were 5-10 minutes. However, we did wait an hour to meet Anna & Elsa, but that's because I got in line early...the line was usually 2 hours to see them!
It was really so fun though, and the atmosphere is awesome. Alli's favorite ride was the cars ride, mine was cars and Pirates of the Caribbean, Josh's was cars and Haven loved the teacups and Mickeys roller coaster. Cars Land was for sure a favorite for all of us.
The unfortunate part of the trip was that we all got sick the last two days!!! It was the absolute worst. There is nothing worse than getting sick on vacation. It started with Haven, and then moved to Alli. We went to Sea World Sunday morning and Alli puked twice on the way there, but said she still wanted to go. She is one tough girl! She seriously acted like nothing was wrong, such a trooper. You could tell Haven still didn't feel the best, but she was a trooper also. By the next morning, both of them were feeling much better, however, that night Josh was throwing up all night and I feel really nauseated. Monday was our last day at the park, so we decided to persevere through the nauseousness for the girls. I felt so sick the whole time and I threw up on our way home just past Vegas. It was awful. The longest drive home EVER.
Anyway, I'm going to try and forget all that and just remember the good memories and fun times that we had because we really did have a blast. I had to document the sick part of it because it was quite an adventure! It's a vacation that we will never forget- the good along with the bad =)

 We LOVED princess Belle, she was by far the nicest and most talkative princess that we met

 We ate at Ariel's Grotto one day for lunch and we  met so many princesses there. It was so fun!

 Haven was so cute she wanted to get out of the stroller a lot and just walk around and dance around. She was so happy! (except the sick day)

 In Minnie's house

This was our last day, we went back to Cars and Josh and I were sicker than dogs =)

 The girls with Anna & Elsa from Frozen!

 I was not impressed with Sea World. As you know the trainers don't get in the water with the killer whales anymore, so it actually makes it kind of boring now. We saw the whale show, dolphin show and sea otter show and then left. I remember it being way more interactive when I was younger. Anyway, don't waste your time at Sea world I would say. Oh and my camera was on a weird setting so all my pictures from that day were pretty much blurry- oh well.


Ryan and Amber said...

So cute! I love their little matching minnie dresses - where did you get them? Also, the pic on the teacup is kinda awesome! Can't believe you rode those - BARF!

The Sutherland Family said...

Thx! I got their dresses at old navy, i've also seen a lot of disney stuff at h&m recently...