Saturday, January 18, 2014

Santa Monica Pier

For the first day of our Disneyland trip we had a beach day since we knew we were going to be driving half the day. We had been driving from Las Vegas all day and got to the Santa Monica Pier about 3. It was  beautiful, about 65 degrees. It was actually pretty chilly with the ocean breeze, but to us it still felt great. Alli got out of the car and ran straight to the beach, she couldn't wait! This was the first time at a beach for both of the girls and they absolutely loved it. Now they can say they've felt the sand between their toes and the ocean waves crash upon their feet =) Loved this day and the pictures we got- so glad we decided to make a stop at the beach! 

We did not ride any of the rides on the pier, we decided to book it back to our hotel in Anaheim to check in and try and beat traffic. Plus, we were going to be riding rides and Disneyland so figured there was no need, but they looked like a lot of fun!

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Ryan and Amber said...

I heart beach pictures possibly more than any others! Good job stopping there, mama