Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Year Old Pictures

I decided to take Haven's two year old pictures by myself again at Your Photo Studio, a diy photo studio. This time I brought my sister to help me out since last time was kind of a disaster, you can see more on that HERE. It was still a little hectic, but I feel like we got a whole lot more happier pictures this time so I'm going to call it a success! It definitely helps to have someone with you to help out. Here's a few pictures of my favorite two year old. I just adore her sweet lil' face! 

As you can see it wasn't all roses and cherries ;)

A few things about Haven right now...

Loves popsicles, cheese, bread, chocolate, crackers, apples, cookies & spaghetti

Everyone is daddy...bye daddy!

A daddy's girl

Loves puppies, stuffed animals, baby dolls and soft blankets

LOVES Sophia the First, Jake and the Pirates and Mickey Mouse shows

Obsessed with the movie Frozen, sings "let it go" almost daily and it is SO cute!

Gives the best hugs and kisses

Has started growling, "Nnnooo!" Getting a little feisty in her second year of life =)

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Ryan and Amber said...

Sorry about the growling shtick - can't imagine where she learned such a thing! :) It was fun - glad we got to go!