Tuesday, April 22, 2014

St. George & Easter

We have had so much fun this last week, i feel like we've had two spring breaks! We went down to St. George last Tuesday night for Josh to play in a golf tournament. We stayed at my parents home where there is a pool and park nearby so that's where we were most of the time. While Josh golfed, we played and relaxed in the sun! We did plenty of swimming, parking, shopping, & eating out. We hung out with Grandma the first day, visited a few friends, went to the children's museum and of course made a stop at swig! We left St. George Friday afternoon and headed to Cedar for Easter weekend where we also had lots of fun! We played and played with cousins, did a couple Easter egg hunts, had a picnic at the park and played games.
What a fun trip we had...

Round two of swimming, we actually went 3 times!

THE cutest firefighter at the childrens museum!

Milking the cow =)

Haven LOVED the grocery store

Haven would eat the cheese, lick the sauce off and leave the bread...crazy girl

{Easter weekend in Cedar City}

On our way to an Easter Egg hunt, that lasted about 5 minutes! Why do we do this every year? Who knows.

Josh came up with an obstacle course for the kids and they loved it! They each got a dollar

Easter morning egg hunt in Grandma's backyard

Haven was mostly concerned about her orange tic tacs than the eggs. I don't blame her!

Family picture before church-love any excuse to get my girls dressed up and snap a pic

She told me to take a pic of her holding a flower and it turned out so cute!

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Ryan and Amber said...

That St. George house is one of my great loves of life. :) And Alli's flower halo is pretty much my favorite thing ever. SO cute!