Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's a Girl!!!

On April 28th, we found out that we will be having our third baby girl! We and most everyone we know were thinking this one was going to be a a boy, so we were surprised but couldn't be happier. I love my sweet girls so much and I'll admit, I would have been a tiny bit scared to have a boy! There is just something special about baby girls. We are just thankful everything looks good and that she is healthy. Obviously this little girl is meant to come into our family and we are so excited for her to join us! We welcome her gladly with open arms, it's such a blessing to have a baby. Now, we just can't wait to meet her beautiful little self! We are all very excited.

We got the girls some balloons to celebrate on the way home from my appointment, and a couple days later we let them go off to heaven for baby sister =) I like to think she was celebrating along with us...

21 weeks

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Ryan and Amber said...

You look so good and I am sooooo excited! Yaya for aunt amber... Oh wait. I mean yay for you guys! Xo