Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alli's Surgery

 Alli had her tonsils and adenoids removed last week. It was recommended to us last year by her pediatrician awhile back, and then again by Dr. Hamilton who performed her surgery. We were waiting for summer to roll around so she wouldn't have to miss much school. She got a ton of ear infections last year and her tonsils were huge, so this should be great for her.
We got there at 7:45 am and they got her back about 8:30, gave her a t-shirt and room, then we just waited for the anesthesia guy. Finally about 45 minutes later she was wheeled away to the surgery room. The procedure took only about 30 minutes and then about 10 minutes later she was in the recovery room. I guess when she woke up the nurses said she was "rockin' and rollin' and wanted her IV OUT!!!" Wish i could have seen that part. When we were able to go back, she was half asleep, half awake. She would be awake for a few minutes and then back asleep for ten minutes or so until she completely woke up about 45 minutes later. They gave her slushy's and had her on an iv with water. She never threw up and actually handled all of it really well, we were impressed! We were out of there about 11:30 am. On the way home she was a little nauseated but luckily never threw up. She also kept talking about how she fell asleep. She just didn't get that part! She says the last thing she remembers was the "magic mask" ha ha.
When we got home she had some otter pops and medicine and then slept for a good 3 hours. The first couple days weren't bad at all. In fact, she was out playing with her friends again the next day. Days 3-5 (today) have been the hardest for her especially during the night she will wake up a couples times in pain. We give her some more medicine and throat spray and then she falls back asleep. They say after about a week she will just gradually get better and better and about 2 weeks be completely back to normal, so we're about on the upswing we're hoping! She's been a trooper though and has handled everything really well.

 Before the surgery, they gave her a tshirt to wear. She had no idea what was coming...

About the time they rolled her out, she was not too nervous at all!

Poor baby the first time we saw her and she still wanted that iv OUT!

The nasty tonsils gross!

 She loved the wheel-chair ride out to the car!

Just sleeping away at home

She got so many little gifts and otterpops, popsicles and balloons. She definitely felt loved! Thanks to all those who stopped by or sent stuff.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spring Recital

Alli had her end of year dance recital and did a great job! Her class danced to "I need a hero." As always she rocked the stage. I love watching her give it her best and I just adore that cute smile of hers. Great job Alli, aka Wonder Woman! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa and Aunt Amber for coming to support her.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Baby was awesome. I hadn't been there for a few years, so we decided to hit it up with our adventurous cousins! They and we (me and my sis) had a blast! It's fun to go somewhere new once in awhile. Haven and Ace literally played in the Kids Cove place for 5 hours and went down the slide at least a hundred times. The bigger kids kind of just did there own thing. We'll check you later Cowabunga....

Haven & Ace soakin in the sun! They played so well together.

 Excited kiddos

 The lazy river

This is the slide they went down a thousand times 

Salt Dough Snakes

 I saw this idea on pinterest and immediately knew my girls would love it. They love to paint anything, anywhere. So here they are painting some salt dough snakes! It was actually a fun little summer activity. 
Love simple, cheap things like this that keep them busy and happy!
You can see how to make them HERE

Growing Baby Belly

This is me at 25ish weeks i think. Right now I'm almost 28 weeks- plugging right along! Pregnancy is such a miracle that I would feel guilty not documenting some of it. So here was my belly a few weeks ago. Can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl! We are still working on names...

Nielson Grove Park

We met up with my friend Cami and her kids one day and went to Nielson Grove Park in Orem. It's such a pretty park! Our kids spent most of the time by the duck pond feeding the ducks and playing in the dirt. We had never been there before, but will definitely be going back! 

Alli and Abigail had some fun playing in the dirt ha  ha

Haven showing me the ducks, she was so excited when she first saw them

Summer is Here!

 Alli had her last day of Kindergarten and we welcomed summer by going swimming and to lunch with our cousins! Alli lives for Summer. She loves to sleep in, have no schedule and PLAY PLAY PLAY! Pretty sure Haven is following right in her footsteps. 

Running home from the bus on her last day, this is kind of blurry but I almost cried (again). I blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I can't believe she is done with Kindergarten. Time goes by so dang fast i hate it. The bus driver was honking the horn as they drove down the street and they were all yelling, it was super cute.

The gang. With cousins Ace, Dax & Kael after swimming.

 These two are so funny

Teaching Dax how to pose =)

I die over her face in this pic. SSOOO happy. Loves to ride "Mawk"

Another day, another pool. 

Life is good for these two chicks! We Heart Summer!!!

Thirty Five

Josh turned 35 this year. He's getting old ;) We went out Saturday to dinner and a movie, and then on Monday (Memorial Day) we went fishing up at Strawberry as a family. Though we did not catch any fish, we had fun hanging out with him and glad he took us along. The girls were pretty much just playing with the power bait like it was play-dough, throwing rocks in the water the whole time and going through everything in his tackle box asking what it was ha ha. Maybe next time they'll be more interested in the fishing- but I have to say, fishing IS boring when you're not catching anything ;) We love ya Joshy!

Homemade brownies