Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer is Here!

 Alli had her last day of Kindergarten and we welcomed summer by going swimming and to lunch with our cousins! Alli lives for Summer. She loves to sleep in, have no schedule and PLAY PLAY PLAY! Pretty sure Haven is following right in her footsteps. 

Running home from the bus on her last day, this is kind of blurry but I almost cried (again). I blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I can't believe she is done with Kindergarten. Time goes by so dang fast i hate it. The bus driver was honking the horn as they drove down the street and they were all yelling, it was super cute.

The gang. With cousins Ace, Dax & Kael after swimming.

 These two are so funny

Teaching Dax how to pose =)

I die over her face in this pic. SSOOO happy. Loves to ride "Mawk"

Another day, another pool. 

Life is good for these two chicks! We Heart Summer!!!

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