Sunday, July 27, 2014

Accord Lakes

We went camping over the 24th with Josh family. We just stayed for one night because that's all I can do, especially right now being almost 34 weeks pregnant. Plus, I'm not much of a camper but hey I went! =) This is my second camping trip this month- what?!! I'm amazing. 
Luckily it rained and was overcast a lot of the time so it wasn't too hot. My girls had so much fun playing with their cousins all day and night. Alli calls it "cousin camp" or "big camp" and looks forward to it each year, and cried when it was time to go. It was a fun time with the Sutherland clan, they are some serious campers and stay for almost a week!! Now that's some serious camping. Thanks for all the fun!

These two played ALL day long and even slept in a little tent together

Haven and Madeline on a Rhino ride with Grandpa Laine

 The camp cooks, they make some good stuff while camping. Sorry JoAnne, I had to post it ;)

 Grandpa Laine

 Hmm, I wonder who stole some white powdered doughnuts?! 

 Alli and Peyton's decor

Haven just wanted to play or nap with every dog of course, and there were three there!

On a ride with Peyton

 She thinks she's ready to steal this 4-wheeler and go for a ride

 Making pasta necklaces- thanks to Sydney and Stacey

 Poor Dillon wrecked on his 4-wheeler and had to get stitches =( He's had a rough summer. So glad it wasn't more serious

 They were out within 10 minutes of leaving

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Ryan and Amber said...

That's the best part of camping. The silent ride home! 😉