Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monroe Mountain

Saturday morning after the 4th we went up to my parents place on Monroe Mountain to stay a night. It was SO pretty- I hadn't been up there in like 7 years no joke so it was fun to go! These cousins all had a blast and got dirty! We played horseshoes, had some s'mores, carved our names on a tree, did a little four-wheeling, and made dutch oven chicken & potatoes. My parents came up to have some of our delicious dinner and hang out for a bit and then went back home. Sunday  morning after we got home my Mom had made us all Sunday dinner, she is way too nice!

Josh took Haven out looking for deer and elk after dinner and found some! These are some pictures he got on his phone. So flippin cute! Alli and I stayed and made s'mores and went on a little four-wheeler ride.

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