Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Haven

I curled Haven's hair for the first time, or at least tried to. She wouldn't really hold still but after it was done she LOVED it. She knew she looked so pretty, she stared at herself & posed in the mirror for a good five minutes! Just disregard the dirty mirror. Five minutes before this she had dumped all my make up out in the sink and turned the water on, and she has dried up toothpaste all over herself....2 year olds i tell ya!
I also made a video of her sweet little voice. She is getting to be so much fun!
Love you busy, messy but sweet little Haven!


The Belnaps said...

So fun that she is starting to chatter! Her hair looks like angel hair! Cutie Patootie.

The Belnaps said...

PS - That is me - Amber, Your sister. I just forget to log in as me, like a champ.