Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Nursery

I love how having a new baby forces you to get rid of junk, de-clutter and get somewhat organized again! The nursery this time around is pretty much the same as it was before with Haven, I just took out a few things, got a new rocking chair & added more silver & grey. The hardest part was going through the insane amount of baby clothes bins and moving Haven's clothes out into her new room. Seriously so much clothes!! There is still pictures of Haven in here, but obviously those will be changed to pictures of the new baby once she's here! SO excited to rock this little babe...

This is above the changing table...and the top left one will have a silver initial on it once we know her name.

Alli & Haven's Shared Room

We moved Haven into a shared room with Alli with two twin beds. Alli had to get rid of her full bed that she's had since she was two, but so far she doesn't seem to mind the twin at all. Haven on the other hand still prefers to sleep in the crib little stinker! Not sure how she's going to handle it once she is absolutely forced to sleep in her twin bed but we shall see...luckily that doesn't need to happen for a little bit. Wish us luck when she does though! Good night that girl is stubborn and very particular!
For their room I was going for pink, white, gold and a little pop of blue since we already had the blue nightstand from Alli's room. It love the colors and think it turned out cute. I definitely want to add more gold though, loving gold right now! P.S. That gold pillow i bought at Home Goods in St. George a long time ago just cause I thought it was so cute and now I can't find another one for the life of me!! I saw one on Amazon but it was gone in like a I'm hoping to fine another one someday. We're hoping they like to share a room and that they don't cause too much havoc, but I can only imagine two girls pulling all sorts of clothes out! =)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maternity Pictures

Well, I currently have about a week and a half until my due date! I'm getting anxious to meet this little one! Through all the hormones, morning sickness in the first few months, weight gain, etc that comes with pregnancy, I still think it's THE most amazing journey to go through and experience. It truly is such a miracle! I feel so blessed to be a Mom and to be able to have children in this life, I know all are not so lucky. A midst all the backaches and getting up to go to the bathroom several times each night, I still feel great and wouldn't trade it for anything. How I got two precious, beautiful daughters and getting a third is beyond me. 
This is most likely going to be our last baby, so I decided I definitely needed to get some maternity pictures taken to document this special time. My awesome sister willingly and happily stepped up to the challenge and rocked it! Thanks so much Amb! P.S. It's really hard for me to try and be serious in pictures and we had our fair share of laughs throughout and afterward ha ha =)  I think they turned out great though and I will treasure them forever. 
To baby girl number three...we can't wait to meet you and love you so much!
Love, Mom, Dad and your two sisters 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pernsickety Prints

Sick of back to school pictures yet? Well too bad! These ones were done at Persnickety Prints in Orem. They were kind enough to do FREE back to school photos! How nice is that? I love how these turned out...I wasn't planning to have them take Haven's picture but they said they could so why not? Thank you Persnickety!



First Day of 1st Grade

Well we officially have a first grader! She was so excited to go to her brand new school, have multiple recess times and eat lunch at school! The night before it took her awhile to fall asleep because she wasn't used to going to bed so early and she kept yelling "SCHOOL!" She was just a tad bit excited. I know she will do great this year but I'm kind of sad to have her gone ALL day long. It's going to be hard for me to get used to, but I know in time it will probably be great- especially with a new baby coming.
These pics are all taken with my phone because we couldn't find the memory card, which I later found in the grapes!! Luckily my phone takes decent pics. I just adore this first grader and as hard is it is to send her off each day ALL day, I know she's ready and that she will learn and grow and blossom. On the second day, she already wanted to ride her bike to school, so off she went and did great. She LOVES to ride her bike.
 Being a parent and sending your child off into the world is so hard, but necessary. We love you so much Alli and hope you have a great school year in the first grade, stop growing up though!

Back to School Pictures

We ventured out one morning to get some back to school pictures for Alli. It was hot and I was tired, so these aren't greatest but I'll give myself an A for effort! Just love this cute school girl and her little sister too, although Haven was not wanting to smile for me!

Afterward we went to the park to play

"Take a picture of me!"

Alli found an old camera of ours and it has now been adopted by Alli and Haven. It's so funny to see the pictures they take on it. Also, she's been asking me to taker her picture a lot, I love it! "Mom, take my picture" is a phrase I've been hearing A LOT lately. 
Here's a few examples...

 "Mom take a picture of me." at Tepanyaki's. We went as a family for our 8th not romantic, but fun! We love Tepanyaki's and the girls love to watch their food get made.

"Take a pic of us on these chairs Mom," at Lowe's

"Take a pic of my circus Mom!"

I took this one of Haven cause she's just too cute!

Sister selfie- love that Haven is hugging Alli

 I will ALWAYS take a picture of these girls anytime they want, anywhere.