Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alli & Haven's Shared Room

We moved Haven into a shared room with Alli with two twin beds. Alli had to get rid of her full bed that she's had since she was two, but so far she doesn't seem to mind the twin at all. Haven on the other hand still prefers to sleep in the crib little stinker! Not sure how she's going to handle it once she is absolutely forced to sleep in her twin bed but we shall see...luckily that doesn't need to happen for a little bit. Wish us luck when she does though! Good night that girl is stubborn and very particular!
For their room I was going for pink, white, gold and a little pop of blue since we already had the blue nightstand from Alli's room. It love the colors and think it turned out cute. I definitely want to add more gold though, loving gold right now! P.S. That gold pillow i bought at Home Goods in St. George a long time ago just cause I thought it was so cute and now I can't find another one for the life of me!! I saw one on Amazon but it was gone in like a I'm hoping to fine another one someday. We're hoping they like to share a room and that they don't cause too much havoc, but I can only imagine two girls pulling all sorts of clothes out! =)


Just me said...

Pilllow peeps could hook you up with some pillows..


Ryan and Amber said...

Cute cute. I love the color scheme.