Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Take a picture of me!"

Alli found an old camera of ours and it has now been adopted by Alli and Haven. It's so funny to see the pictures they take on it. Also, she's been asking me to taker her picture a lot, I love it! "Mom, take my picture" is a phrase I've been hearing A LOT lately. 
Here's a few examples...

 "Mom take a picture of me." at Tepanyaki's. We went as a family for our 8th not romantic, but fun! We love Tepanyaki's and the girls love to watch their food get made.

"Take a pic of us on these chairs Mom," at Lowe's

"Take a pic of my circus Mom!"

I took this one of Haven cause she's just too cute!

Sister selfie- love that Haven is hugging Alli

 I will ALWAYS take a picture of these girls anytime they want, anywhere.

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