Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baby Emeri

Baby Emeri is here!! I'll spare you all the tiny details, but here is a summary of the arrival of our little bundle. It all started the night of September 5th. Josh and I went out to the movie- little did we know our baby girl would be making her appearance later that night! We came home and went to bed as usual. I got up around 3:30 to go the bathroom and as i was walking back to bed my water broke! Just a small gush, i couldn't believe it. I decided to lay down for awhile to make sure it was really actually happening. Sure enough the contractions started coming every 5 minutes, and and were getting stronger, it had been about 40 minutes at this point so i woke Josh up and away we went to the hospital! We called my sister and she came over to be with Alli & Haven when they woke up. I got in my room and started the check in process about 4:30. The contractions were already coming on STRONG...before i knew it i was at a five. They had to get some fluid and antibiotics in me before they could give me my epidural. I have never been in so much pain. That baby was coming and coming fast! I was seriously rolling around and clenching the side of the hospital bed. I kept saying "help me!" I even elbowed the nurse in the face once time on accident when i was rolling over...whoops! Kind of embarrassing the way I was acting, but seriously it was the worst pain I've ever EVER been in. By the time i could finally get the epidural I was at a 7. After I had the epidural it worked super fast luckily and I could finally relax and regain some energy. After my epidural my parents had arrived. My Mom came in and my Dad waited outside until it was all done. We chatted for a little while and waited for things to progress. My Mom told me there was a pink sky on their way to the hospital, I loved that! Pink sunrise for baby girl =) Thirty minutes later I was ready, the doctor came in, I pushed for about 5 minutes and she was here! Born at 7:55 am Saturday, September 6, 2014. 19.25 inches long, 8 lbs 5 oz and a full head of dark hair. She was SO beautiful. A day I will never ever forget!

Game time!

The first time holding her 

First family photo, party of 5!

I think she was a little swollen here, but those cheeks!!

My favorite hospital snack hands down are the Lorna Doone cookies...SO addicting and so good while in the hospital for some reason!

I couldn't stop admiring her beautiful little self

Alli and Haven came to meet her the next afternoon. They instantly fell in love, especially Alli. I'm not sure Haven knew what to think =)

Grandpa Carl with cousin Sophia

Sophia, Wyatt and Alli

Grandma Gail, Alli & baby Emeri

The Gardner Family came to visit baby Emeri as well

My sister was just a little excited to meet her!

Ryan, Dax and baby Emeri

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Ryan and Amber said...

FINALLY she's official - you know, since she made the blog. :) LOVE her. Good job, Sutherland Fam