Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 About 24 hours after birth about 4 am one of the nurses in the nursery informed me that Emeri's oxygen levels were dropping below the normal range once in awhile (desatting) and that they wanted to do some testing and blood work to see what was going on. When i went back to the nursery to see her they had already hooked her up to oxygen and she had an iv. Seeing her like this was so sad! Her blood work all came back clean but the pediatrician decided she still needed to go to the NICU to get antibiotics to clear up anything she might have. They told us there was probably some sort of infection that was causing her oxygen levels to occasionally drop, most likely pneumonia. I tested positive for group B strep in my last trimester of this pregnancy, so she may have gotten it from me during delivery.

Newborns can only get antibiotics in the NICU, which is a 48 hour stay minimum for monitoring. Hearing this new crushed me, I was devastated! We were planning on taking her home that morning, but now she had to stay longer. We had never had a baby go to the NICU, so it was kind of hard news for us to take in.  I was sort of in denial and for a good 6 hours! Then I got over it and realized that the doctor and nurses were right, we definitely didn't want anything to become worse, and it's a blessing that they caught it as early as they did before we went home. The Neonatologist told us that if she were to not get treated, the chance of coming back is 50%, if she does get treated chances are 1% that she would have to come back. He insisted that it's better to be safe than sorry and it was more of a precautionary to kill all the bad bugs she had in her little body.

When you first walk into the NICU it's pretty intimidating with all the monitors and high tech beds they have. I will say though, the beds are softer in their and they totally pamper those babies! She was so comfortable and I knew she was in great hands. She got the VIP treatment, and those nurses were SO nice.

The next few days were the most exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. I got discharged from the hospital Monday morning. Going home without my baby was the hardest thing EVER and i bawled and bawled. Then on top of that, i sent Haven down to Cedar for 5 days to be with her other Grandma & Grandpa in Cedar so that I could be with Emeri- of course i bawled again when I had to say goodbye to her =) There were many tears shed this week, both happy and sad.

The first day she was admitted to the NICU, Josh and my Dad gave her a blessing. I'm so grateful they were able to do that. I knew everything would be okay after that. She also had a chest xray done and the doctor said it looked "hazy." The next day, all of Emeri's labs/cultures came back clean once again. She had another chest xray done, and it looked better but still not where they wanted it to be, so she would need to stay another 24-48 hours for monitoring and more antibiotics. The last couple days as she got better, and everything started to improve, they took off her oxygen and took off her monitors and finally her iv came out that was giving her her antibiotics and fluids. It was so nice to not have anything on her! Finally things were getting back to normal. Such a great feeling.

During these long days, I drove every three hours to feed Emeri at the hospital, even during the middle of the night. It was so hard, but i would do anything for that baby, and getting to see her and hold her made it all worth it. During my commutes to and from the hospital, a lot of times I would turn my radio off in the car and just pray. I would talk to my Heavenly Father just like he was sitting right next to me in the car. I would tell him how I was feeling, about baby Emeri and kind of just give him the report for the day. I felt so much comfort in doing this, and I know he is there for us anytime anywhere under any circumstance. He is always listening, and you can talk to him anytime. I know the power of prayer is real. I truly felt the comfort from the prayers of family, friends, neighbors and my own. The prayers, notes, texts, calls, visits, food and help from family & neighbors meant so much. We couldn't have made it through without the support and love that was given to our family during such a hard week. So thank you to all those who helped out in any way.

We are so grateful that Emeri is now doing well and healthy as can be. I'm grateful for modern medicine and technology and great nurses and doctors. Mostly, I'm grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and the peace it brings, especially during life's little bumps in the road.

Emeri on her first day in the NICU (In NICU Sept 7th-11th)

Emeri with all of the cords and iv's out, yay!

Finally going home!

Alli was SO excited to finally get to bring her baby sister home with us. Haven was still in Cedar at the time.

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