Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Break & Alli's 7th Birthday!

Our cute Alli turned 7 this year! Her birthday always falls on Fall Break during school and the deer hunt weekend. None of us had tags this year so we were able to do some fun things for her birthday weekend! A couple of her friends invited her to go to Cornbelly's which she of course loved. She love LOVES that place and can't wait to go each year! 

Alli with her friends Caelee and Carlee


Friday night we went out to eat at Ruby River and then went and stayed at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake. We went swimming and then she opened her gifts. We heard her singing Elsa doll sing for a good two hours and then the girls finally went to sleep.
New shoes!! Excited much?! Or maybe just dramatic =)

The beloved singing Elsa doll from Grandma G

The beloved Elsa dress/costume from Grandma J

Emeri just chillin- she was so good the whole time

Playing with some new bday gifts and eating leftovers =)

These two slept together in the hide-a-bed

Reading her new books

Sunday was her actual birthday, so after church we had cake and ice cream of course! 

Monday was still Fall break so we went to Hang Time and they had a blast! They jumped and jumped for hours and then we went to lunch at Chili's.

The next Saturday after Fall break, we had her "friend" party at her gymnastics gym. They got to play in the gym for an hour and then have some cake and ice cream and opened presents.
I made her announcement on some website and this is how it turned out! She handed paper ones out to her friends at school. I let her do all the inviting this year and she invited 4 boys! I was a little nervous how the boys would be at her party since it was mostly girls, but they did great and had just as much fun as the girls.

Click to play this Smilebox invite

The next Sunday we went up to Logan to help cousin Sophia celebrate her 5th birthday, another Frozen party! Frozen is like THE coolest ever right now!

Cute Elsa cousins

Phew! That was a lot of partying!
Happy 7th Birthday to Alli!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014


I love this song, so I had to share!
It is "Glorious."