Monday, December 15, 2014

The "Tree of Life"

We were going to Temple Square last week but there were so many accidents on the freeway, so we got off and went to Scheels to ride the Ferris wheel. Afterward we went and looked at the Tree of Life in Draper, you can read more about it here. It was really pretty! I'd say it's worth the stop. Emeri LOVED seeing all the bright lights! 

Christmas Time Fun!

We went and saw Santa Claus the other day with our cousin friends. We were the first ones in line, yep that's how we roll. Get in, get waiting in lines. Plus, we even saw Santa arrive before it all started and he came over and talked to us then too, lucky us! Alli told him exactly what she wanted and Haven just said presents =) After we talked with Santa, we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the reindeer. 
Happy Holidays!

Also, my girls and I made gingerbread men that Sunday.They had so much fun cutting out the cookies, frosting them, and mostly making a huge mess!
Love them.

Baby Blues

I die at these pics. LOVE those blue eyes and everything about her =)

3 Months

Emeri is now over 3 months! Time's a flyin' and I have I sort of hate it! She loves her hands and is really slobbery lately! She can roll over from her stomach to back and loves to be held and look around. Sleeps from 8:30-9ish to 8! 
Love you sweet Emeri!

I'm in love with her round head and double chin

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Haven got about 6 inches taken off at Cookie Cutters a few weeks ago. Her hair was all sorts of lengths and was in need of a good cut. I also wanted to cut it because whenever I did her hair she would just pull it out. The guy who did it did a great job, she has pretty thick hair so I think that made it even cuter! She loves it and looks so cute with her new do!  Oh, AND she got her ears pierced a few weeks after this, and she has been potty trained for about 2 months now!! Lots of growing up this girl has done, but still a lot more to do =)

Emeri's Baby Blessing

Emeri's baby blessing was on November 9th, 2014. It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day. Josh did such a good job and gave a beautiful blessing. I'm thankful to have the priesthood in our home and to have all of our girls be blessed as members of the church. I'm especially grateful to be a Mother to three precious girls! How I got so lucky, I'll never know. We are so blessed to have them.
Afterward, we had dinner at our house with cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas and even Great-Grandma & Grandpa Sutherland. Thanks to all those who came to support sweet baby Emeri.

 Josh and his Grandpa Gordy, Emeri's great-grandpa

Emeri at 2 Months

Emeri turned 2 months on Nov 6th! Time flies when you are having fun =)
She was a little over 11 lbs, 22 inches and in the 76th percentile for head.
She's is just perfect and sweet and healthy!
Sleeping through the night (from 1030- 8), cooing, smiling, loves her hands and binky at times.
I am really just soaking it all in since she is THE baby girl! 

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was all about Frozen for my girls. We had Elsa, Anna and a baby Olaf! We went to Alli's school to watch the Halloween parade, went to the Doug Smith Trunk or Treat like we do every year with my sister and her kids, then we had some chili and went trick or treating! Alli insisted on us dressing up, so last minute Josh dressed up as a firefighter and I was Red Riding hood. I love Halloween, I think it's so cute and fun!