Saturday, January 10, 2015

Haven Turns Three!

Haven was still not feeling the best for her birthday, but we went down to Richfield to celebrate her birthday with Grandma & Grandpa. Josh ended up working with a friend on a project so he wasn't there, but we celebrated again a couple days later on New Year's Eve. 
Grandma made a great dinner for us and then we had cake and opened up her presents. Then in true three year old fashion, she threw a huge fit, had a bath and went to bed ha!
Happy Birthday Haven! We love her, drama and all =) Mostly she just wasn't feeling good poor thing. I still need to get some three year old pictures of Haven, but they will be coming!

 The girls got Grandma's New Years stuff out- few days later but whatever works =)

 Her cake I made, she just wanted a pink cake. Easy enough!

 She loves to play doctor and give everyone check-ups so this was perfect. She got a lot of fun toys.

 Grandma just doing what she does best, snuggling baby Emeri!

 Back at home, Josh and Alli made some cupcakes for her

Sweet sisters

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