Saturday, January 10, 2015


This year was unfortunately not our best Holiday Season. I got a horrible cold and flu starting on the Sunday before Christmas. Seriously the worst cold I have ever had! I was sick from Sunday through New Years. Shortly after I got it, Haven got it =( Poor thing was sick for Christmas and her birthday AND New Years. Josh and Alli stayed pretty healthy luckily. I feel like we are just barely recouping from it! It wiped us out for a good week or so! It is so not fun to be sick during the holidays as you can imagine. We still celebrated and partied the best we could through it all. 

For Christmas Eve we went to a friends house and had the best prime rib ever! They were so kind to invite us over. It actually worked out perfect because cooking a Christmas Eve dinner was the last thing I had on my mind. After dinner we came home and opened up our Jammie's and new game and got our treats out for Santa and his reindeer. Shortly after that the girls got a call from Santa Claus! Alli started crying from excitement! They went straight to bed after that phone call and didn't get up until 8 am, what good girls.

Christmas Sunday

Christmas Eve

 Haven got a Palace Pet 

 Amongst the Christmas morning mess

Santa brought Alli a brand new bike

Emeri was just happy with some ribbons, although she did get a couple little toys =)

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