Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Emeri- 5 Months

 Miss Emeri at 5 months is irresistible! She is so fun, so happy and so precious. She rarely ever cries and is such a joy! At five months she loves pretty much all stage 1 and 2 baby foods and baby banana oatmeal. She takes formula a few times a day now as well and takes that well too. She likes to blow raspberries and make lots of high pitch squeals! She loves her baths and goes to town with splashing! She loves to munch on her toes and roll around. She is just the best little baby and puts a smile on every body's face!
Love you Emeri!

Cooking with Dad- love those chubby chops =)

I was feeding her sweet potatoes and she stole the spoon from me!

A few days shy of 6 months here

Almost 6 months

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Ryan and Amber said...

Those eyes of blue in the purple onesie pic.... SWOON!