Sunday, September 20, 2015

Havens Dance Recital

*June 6, 2015*

Haven had her 1st dance recital on June 6th. Her class danced to "sugar, sugar." She loved dance class and did great at her rehearsal, but at the recital she just stood there up on the stage and didn't move! Josh said that one of the girls had pushed her right before going on stage and then she told me she didn't get to stand where she wanted to on stage. SO...that was recipe for disaster i guess ;)
But hey, at least she was brave and got up and that stage! She looked adorable and I'm glad she had fun throughout the year in her class. We'll have to try again!
Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Albrecht for coming to watch her, Aunt Amber & Aunt Carrie.

Haven and her friend Elli

This was her face after, i think she knew she didn't do what she was supposed to and was not happy about it all

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