Tuesday, September 29, 2015


*August 2015*

So moving is EXHAUSTING! I'm in awe of those people that move all the the time because seriously it is NOT easy! We had most of it boxed up and ready to go before moving day and there was still so much to do! Josh had also moved the dog kennels and our play set a few days before with the help of some friends which was quite the chore.
 My parents came up Friday morning as well as Josh's Mom. We got pretty much everything moved that Friday and then Saturday Ryan & Kael came to help for a few hours. There were still a few beds and furniture to move and then of course cleaning. It's just crazy how much crap you accumulate!
I had forgot to pack pj's and stuff for my girls Friday night, so we borrowed some shirts from our boy cousins to sleep in! We are grateful for family and friends that took the time to come and help, and watch our kids here and there, we couldn't have done it without them.
Oh and then about 3 weeks later, we emptied out our storage unit that we had rented for a few months, which took 3 trips down and back!
SO glad to be done moving, for now =)

 About a week before moving day, Emeri was my little helper!

 Last night in her crib in that house

They slept on one mattress in their room for their last night

 The next morning- looking a little rough ha ha

 Right before we left for good!

 Making themselves at home at the rental

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