Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hells Canyon

 Josh went on an "amazing" hunting trip with some friends to Hells Canyon. They rode a jet boat on the river with their dogs to their hunting spots. I about died when he showed me these pictures! So beautiful! I loved hearing him tell me about this trip also..."I mean Ashley, look at this country! Such crazy country!" I'm glad he got to go, or rather he's glad that I let him go! He had just got home from a work trip and then left the next day for this trip. He owes me =)

All things Halloween

I feel like we did Halloween for a week between our ward trunk-or-treat, Alli's school party, Haven's preschool party and then going down to Cedar for the actual Halloween day! So many parties, but we don't mind we love Halloween!
 This year my girls were several things =)  Alli was Evie from the Descendants. Haven was a pirate princess, Izzy from Jake & the Neverland Pirates AND  a cheetah cat. Emeri was a little lamb and a butterfly.
When we got to Cedar my girls slept over and their cousins house. Poor Haven ended up getting sick and throwing up the next morning! :/ She threw up again at Grandma's house and then had  a little bit of food, took a long nap, had some more food and luckily felt much better just in time for trick-or-treating! 



Halloween at Cedar City with Family & Cousins

This was Haven during her little sick episode =(

Pumpkin Carvin 2015

We carved our pumpkins one afternoon  while it was still warm. Josh was out of town so it was just me an these little ladies! Mostly I did the carving but they picked out the designs and helped me test out the pumpkin gutter! We had never used one up to this point and it worked like a charm. Emeri mostly just walked around and ate her sucker =) 
We love a little pumpkin carving!

Baptism Day

Alli got baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on October 24, 2015. It was such an amazing day on the perfect Fall Saturday. She looked so beautiful all dressed in white. She had a great program that she had planned out all by herself with lots of family involved. Josh performed the baptism & confirmation, and after her baptism she was literally glowing! Our Bishop did an amazing talk at the end kneeling down on one knee right in front of Alli. It was so personal to her it was incredible.
The spirit was so strong, and I know she will remember it and how she felt on this day for the rest of her life. She's such a good girl with an amazing spirit and is such a great example. We're so proud of her and her choice to be baptized and confirmed. She's always had such a strong testimony and she's not afraid to share it! 
We're thankful for family, friends and ward members who took time out of their busy schedules to come and support Alli on her baptism day. It meant so much!
Afterward we had a luncheon at our house and she opened all her baptism gifts.

Her sign in sheet/welcome table

About to get baptized...

Family members that came

 Alli and her cute friend Addison


Alli and cousin Peyton
Alli and cousin Kael
cousins and sisters

Cousins Sophia & Wyatt
Aunts Amber and Carrie