Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Morning

Santa came!! He also brought about a foot of snow with him this year! It was a magical WHITE Christmas morning. The kids woke up about 7:45, not too shabby! I love hearing their first little squeals of delight when they see what they got, running from place to place checking it all out. Emeri was feelin it too, but mostly she was excited about the orange in her stocking and immediately started eating it =)
The girls played ALL day long with their new toys downstairs. In fact, I didn't see them until they needed something to eat! That's one the best part about Christmas Day, the kids are entertained for hours and hours with all their new stuff!! We just hung out and ate and napped all day long it was so nice. After dinner, Alli and I played one more game of classic clue and Monopoly- her first time.
I love Christmas, especially with kids it's the best ever.
Merry Christmas to all! Cant believe it's all over already.

Santa came! The calm before the storm

The new minky blankets from Grandma and Grandpa S. were a big hit!

Haven with her Ariel doll- her favorite present

The aftermath

Just a few hours after she was ready for a Christmas nap

Testing out her new gymnastics outfit- looks like she could turn off the lights too!

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Ryan and Amber said...

It was the best with all that snow this year, wasn't it?! I love Emeri just chowing and taking it all in! :)