Sunday, December 13, 2015

Decmeber Happenings

Eating way too many Chocolate covered Joe Joe's from Trader Joe's. They are sssooo good! I don't like the regular Jo Jo's, but these I love. Must be the extra layer of chocolate that gets me =) I went to get more the other day and they said they are done for the season!!!! What?! Boo.

 Playing with old friends! Alli with her friends Caelee & Carlee. Since we moved she has missed these two like crazy. They came up one Saturday afternoon and played for hours! 

Haven's preschool class picture. Love her smile! There is another girl in the class but she is not pictured.

 Singing like angels at our ward Christmas party =)

Teppanyaki's and a Jazz game- an exciting one at that!

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