Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Home Show 2016

Me and my ladies ventured down to our annual home show in St. George yet again this year AND with tiny baby in tow! I don't know how we do it, but we do it- regardless of any babies that may be present! It's so fun and such a good little break. I love it. I took tons of pics on my phone but here is just a sampling. 

 I loved this because it's literally just sticks! I feel like i could make these somehow if i had some really straight branches =)

 This was Marie Osmond's home, I LOVED her pool!!

 The ulitmate man cave had a safe door to get in, multiple safes, LOTS of guns, ammo, tv, couch, bar, everything!

 LOVED this tile in a bathroom

The girls stayed home with Josh and he sent me this one of the days. They went to Get Air, gymnastics lessons, out to eat, and he sold his old truck! Good job babe

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Ryan and Amber said...

This seems like YEARS ago?! I'm so glad you posted a pic of the man cave because mom never sent me hers... slacker. :)