Sunday, April 24, 2016

Skiing Trip

Over Spring Break, I took the girl skiing one day while Josh stayed home and watched Emeri. I had lined up some ski lessons for them since it was their first time. We went to Pebble Creek in Inkom which had the perfect little hill for the girls to learn on. 
Their instructor was great and Alli picked it right up. By the end of the day she was skiing down the hill alone! Haven wasn't so sure about it, but she kept trying and trying! She's still working on perfecting that pizza =) She's still a little young so i was proud of her!
 It was so fun to watch them and I can't get over how cute little people skis are! We are looking forward to broadening our skills with many more trips next winter because that's probably how we are going to survive our first Idaho winter!

 Haven was saying things like "I can't do this," and "I want to go home" but she kept going and she DID do it! Proud of her

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Ryan and Amber said...

And mama sat at the lodge and drank hot cocoa! :)