Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Move

The week of our move is kind of a blur! Moving is so crazy, stressful and exhausting!! Our parents were planning to come help the weekend before, but our closing got pushed back a few days so we had to wait another week and we were already pretty much packed that point! We literally lived out of boxes for almost a week! Longest week EVER! We loaded the moving truck Thursday afternoon and finally got done around 12:30 am and then we were up bright and early at 6:30 am! We had to be on the road to make our closing at 11:30. We had the moving truck, my car and then Josh's friend pulled his truck and a trailer full of stuff too. Alli and Haven rode in the truck with Josh, and  Emeri rode with me in the car. 
When we got to our new house, the first thing we had to do was set up Emeri's crib so she could take a nap. She was ssooo tired! We had people in our new ward and a couple of Josh's friends show up to help us move boxes into the garage and house. Thanks goodness for those good people! There is no way we could have done it alone. 
To top it all off we ALL got the flu about 4 days after we moved in. It was the worst! Those two weeks were hard and so tiring but now we are finally getting more settled and loving our new house!

 Alli and Haven in the moving truck ready to go!

 The rental house we lived in for about 7 months in West Jordan,. It was a cute little house on a half acre! We loved it for the time we were there and it was so close to Alli's school. We were also in a  great little ward- the Westland 6th ward. We'll miss it! You grow to love all the places that you live because it's home! Home is wherever you make it .

Alli all ready for her new school that she went to the  following Monday. It starts EARLY! She was so excited =)

Since our move got pushed back a week, I did get to go to part of my high school friends annual girls trip in Park City! I met up with them one night for dinner and got to chat for a bit! I'm so glad i got to see them all before I left!

We also got to go to my nephew Boone's baby blessing! Such a sweet day for the little man and his fam. Glad we got to go!

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Ryan and Amber said...

We're glad you got to come to the blessing too! And we are laughing at your tired little 6:30 am moving faces and alli's early school face! :)