Monday, May 2, 2016

Visiting Mark

Our horse Mark stays at a pasture in Rigby and Alli and Haven are always asking to go see him and go for a little ride! They love it so much. We all take turns around the pasture, and Alli went a few times by herself! She's getting way too good! Emeri sat with Josh but when i tried to take her she was not having it. Mark is a good, laid back horse and so good around kids.

 Josh and Ems

 Look at the cat just chillin...

 Cute but very MESSY Emeri, exploring. I have no clue what's all over her

Alli- rider extraordinaire! She's not afraid one bit

 Go Alli go!

Probably Mark's favorite part =)

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Ryan and Amber said...

That pic of mess little Ems in her dress with the cloudy sky is everything! :)