Thursday, June 23, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

We went down to Bicknell for a family reunion on Memorial weekend. Josh had to work a bit in SLC, so we stayed at my sisters house one night and then headed down after that. While we were there, our very first stop was of course the new Bahama Bucks in Draper, because duh! So. Good. 
We drove past our old house and went to one of our favorite parks.
While in Bick-town we went to the reunion, played with cousins, went fishing, went to Angry Birds (lame), ate Grandma's yummy food and pretty much just do what we always do there =) It was a fun trip!

At my grandparents gravesite

Alli and Sophia

 Alli got to pass out little flags to all the veterans

 My Dad, getting emotional like he does =)

 Alli is like a pro with babies now

 My Dad with all his siblings

On our way up to go fishing

Like glass!

 Haven is not afraid of the worms, she sat there and played with them for a good 20 minutes and even cut one in half

Alli reeling one in!
 And Dad being all proud =)

Both of the girls reeled in a couple fish, they were so proud

 Haven riding with Grandma

Ems could literally swing for hours 

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