Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mexico Part 2

Take me back to Meh-i-co!! Looking back at all these pics makes me want to go back tomorrow! So fun to experience another culture when you haven't in a long time. I could for sure be a world traveler! Love taking it all in.

 Diet coke...aka "coca cola light" =)

 La Langosta Feliz aka "The Happy Lobster" restaurant. Our taxi driver recommended this to us and it was very good but kind of located in a sketch area!

Our view sitting inside the restaurant. I kind of felt like I was in an action movie and i was going to see someone running on the rooftops or something. Also, their wiring and electricity is cray cray! 

I got a little adventurous and tried the seared tuna- it was surprisingly good!

 This was a cheap little taco place by our resort but i can't remember the name of it. We ate a lot of tacos =)

 Palm tree views never get old- this was in downtown Puerto Vallarta

Another restaurant in Nuevo Vallarta called Sonora Al Sur- it was one of my favs. So good! 

The opening of the Olympics started while we were down their and our resort had this little photo op set up! 

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